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Mormor.nu was established in 2003 out of an aspiration to make use of the knowledge and skills that many elderly women possess, but which are regrettably only being passed on to very few people in the following generations. There is also a desire to bring generations closer together by symbolically passing on some of the reserves of energy and love that many in the senior generation possess, in the form of knitwear in which fashion and functionality form a synthesis.

This concept has proven to be a success. At present we employ more than 130 women who do the knitting; most of them come from the small town ofHaslev,Denmarkand the surrounding area. We now sell children’s knitwear in New York, Japan,London, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin and in several cities in Denmark.

The owner of Mormor.nu, Nina Brandi, tells about working with the knitters: “The heart of Mormor.nu is meeting with the knitters every Wednesday. We drink coffee and eat lovely homemade cakes which are baked with as much expertise and care as the knitwear that they have come to deliver. Every single week I am surprised by how much they have been able to knit in addition to all of their other activities, and by how extremely beautifully they knit. I am trying to absorb everything they know about knitting.”

Nina Brandi has a Master’s degree in food science. Her interest in knitting began when she learned to knit during her stay in Bolivia. Nina and her family were posted to Africa and Bolivia for five years altogether. One of Nina’s projects was the business development of agricultural cooperatives. Therefore, when she returned to Bolivia in 2007, it was natural for Nina to establish a partnership with a group of women whom she knew from her earlier stay there. We expect to expand the partnership in the future since we are continuously receiving enquiries from new dealers from around the world. It is difficult for us to keep up with the demand!

We have decided to expand Mormor.nu’s webshop with products that we think fit into the Mormor.nu universe.


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